Call Center

For those who become call center provider, we have solutions for network setup, telephony system and special number 0-800 or 1-500, and CRM application for agents. we also have customized offer for brand owners who likely fully outsource call center services include manpower and premises

Benefit: scalable for large number of call center agents and available in city-center/urban location.
Target Market: multi-national companies, call center providers, virtual office.

Call Center Special Number

Billing System PABX/SIP Server

we have a special design billing system that developed based on our experience in handling integrated telephony system in multi-national companies and call centers. our billing system is able to provide call data record, call routing in a single interface. It also lets customers to manage and limit telephony expenses realtime by group (departments, divisions, working group) or individually in two systems: Prepaid and Postpaid system so it prevents any fraud calls.

Benefit: Manageable Telephone Expense, Able to handle multi-branch systems.
Target Market: multi-national companies, call center providers, virtual office.

Billing System

Online Transportation

The growing online transportation has urged the need to have special number that appears on users' screens and drivers’ smartphones in order to prevent any harassment. This complex algorithm also applies for a company that only lets their staffs or salesperson to call specific and predefined lists of customers/recipients.

Benefit: Secured customers profile, Manageable contact data .
Target Market: multi-national companies, customer service, outsourcing companies.

Online Transport

CRM Apps

CRM apps is applicable for customer service and call center agents to post and track real time about customers profile and usage history. This software is equipped with data analytic that lets supervisor to monitor the compliance and performances.

Benefit: Customer profile records, marketing campaign, availability for customization.
Target Market: retailers, service providers, financial industries.

CRM Apps

Hosted PABX

Hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX system accessible via an IP network. It also provides businesses with the ability to manage their phone systems and has more features than traditional PBX.

Benefit: eliminate investment costs of PBX and maintenance.
Target Market: small to medium-sized business owners.

Hosted PABX

Network Setup

For small and medium companies, setup IT and telecommunication system will be time-consuming as it requires more than one departments of information technology. For us, vast experience in helping customers to develop their local and wide area network is our passion.

Benefit:Effective and efficient investment, quick setup.
Target Market: Small Medium companies, multi national companies.


Mobile Apps

A mobile software applications or mobile apps is a software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a mobile phones or tablet computer. With experience in handling corporate customers, we are able to design the proper mobile apps both for internal company and commercial uses.

Benefit: Sales Force Automation, reporting, application form.
Target Market: Financial industry, FMCG, Oil&Gas.;

mobile apps

Web Design

CRM software is a software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many business processes: customer data, customer interaction, customer support, inquiries.

Benefit: manageable and track customer relationship data.
Target Market: call center services, customer service.

CRM Apps